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The Roads Not Travelled | The Old Roads
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The Roads Not Travelled

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I have no plan, but I have plans. Here are a few of them:

  • Old 11E - Blue Springs Parkway

  • Old Kentucky Road - Russellville

  • Old Kentucky Road - Clinch Mtns

  • Old US25E - Clinch Mtns

  • Old Jonesborough Rd

  • Old Asheville Highway

  • Old Parrotsville Highway

  • Old Andrew Johnson Highway

  • Old Rutledge Pike

  • Skyland Drive - US19/23

  • More of Old US441 in NC & GA

  • Newfound Gap Road - US441

  • NC288/The Road to Nowhere

  • Old Greeneville Highway out of Newport

  • War Ford Road between the rivers

  • TN340, TN349, TN160

  • Hartford Road


  • Old NC10

  • The French Broad through the mountains