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About this project

geek-nerdAnyone who knows me at all knows that I’m quite the geek. But I’m also a nerd, and yes, there is a difference. Geeks are generally experts at something, particularly something technological, while nerds are a bit overly intellectual and completely obsessed.

I’m a history nerd, particularly obsessed with the highways and byways we don’t travel anymore — the ones that wind along impossible ridges, through tiny downtowns and over bridges that have seen better days. We don’t travel them anymore because the transportation departments built new roads — first new, improved versions of those old roads, sometimes several iterations, and later interstate highways often far from the original route.

I’m also a camera nerd, and those two go together quite well. I’ve been traveling some of those old roads, photographing as I go. Sometimes I use a Canon t2i Rebel, and other times I just whip out my iPhone and shoot through the windshield. Sometimes both.

I’m creating a series I’m calling The Old Roads — the highways we don’t travel anymore since they built the new ones. If you like, you can buy individual prints from this project (as well as other photos) here.

The ultimate goal, though, is a book. Or books. I have no idea how it’ll end up, I guess we’ll see.