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On top of old Smoky

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Not covered with snow on this New Year’s Day, but still quite beautiful. I finally got my chance to retrace US441 through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It was winter, and it was a holiday – but traffic was relatively light, and boy was it a great ride.

The long way home

So I was heading home from my dad’s in Tennessee, trying to avoid the under construction Interstate 40 bridge over the French Broad. I decided to take US25E through Newport and over the mountains, to pick up 40 over in North Carolina, not realizing the Wolf Creek Bridge was being rebuilt and road was closed. […]

Almost lost

I haven’t found the provenance of this road just yet … the one by the river, I mean. I’m pretty sure the one I was on after that was just a meandering track up into the mountains. There are a couple of “towns” back in there, and maybe this road just connected them to Newport. I don’t know. But here’s the video of the trip.

Over the Smokies

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series US441

One of the spots I’m sure to get to is Newfound Gap, the point where US441 crossed the main ridge of the Smoky Mountains and the state line between Tennessee and North Carolina. I visited there many times as a child, and my parents did the same long before I was born. For the most part, US441 in the park follows the old road, which followed the old Cherokee trail, coming out of Gatlinburg.