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Skyland Drive | The Old Roads
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Skyland Drive

Skyland Drive

I’d been wanting to do this one for a long time. Old US 23 in North Carolina. Of course, there’s lots more of the old highway yet to do, but this particular stretch – Skyland Drive – was just sitting there waiting, and for the longest time, blocked by a “road closed for construction sign.” This winter, that sign was gone. And so, I turned off the Great Smoky Mountain Expressway and headed up.

The road follows Scott Creek up and around, with the railroad tracks crisscrossing along the way, then descends into Sylva, where I learned if I’d only been a little slower, I woulda caught a freight train crossing that beautiful trestle. From Sylva, it moves into downtown Dillsboro, which is where I rejoined the new highway.

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