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How to use this site | The Old Roads
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How to use this site

A note before we get started: This site absolutely sucks on mobile, and it’s not terrific on smaller laptops. Until my theme developers get this thing working a little more responsively, the best way to view this site is on a good old desktop computer. And it’s pretty spectacular from there, if I do say so myself. So, apologies for the lack of decent mobile support. For now, the pages work fine on mobile, but the location listings aren’t so hot, particularly if you’re working from the map, and the listings side slider (see below) doesn’t work at all. To work around this, there is a listing of locations with links on The Roads page, or you can view the locations at this site.

There are multiple ways to navigate The Old Roads. The navigation bar at the top is self-explanatory and takes you to a few pages that could be of interest. Once you reach a page, other items become available in the sidebar.

The home page consists of an interactive map, a destination box and a few other gadgets that I’ll detail below:

The map

The map is located on the “home” page — click the home button in the navigation bar at the top to go there. You’ll see a bouncing blue marker indicating the location of the current destination box with red markers pointing out other destinations. Hovering over a red marker tells you what it is; clicking on it brings up its destination box. You can shrink and enlarge the map, change it to a road map, or drop the little human figure onto a road to go to Street View.

The destination box

The destination box does a couple of things. First, if you hover over the photo, you’ll bring up arrows that turn the box into a slideshow, rotating through all the locations as you click. Clicking on “more information” gets you more of the story, and more photos. As with pages accessible from the top navigation bar, arriving on one of these destination pages makes a sidebar available. Clicking on a photo from a destination page brings up a clickable slider of all the photographs on that page. You can also drag the destination box around to look at more of the map.

The list view

On the far right of the home page, you’ll see a blue box that says “Toggle List View.” Clicking that slides out a list of all the entries. Clicking on one of those entires brings up its destination box.

The filters

Down at the bottom of the home page, there are three filters. “Roads” lists roads in the series, “Locations” lists states, cities and nearby landmarks, and “Ratings” is completely ridiculous and will likely be removed at some point. Filtered locations show up in the list view.


I’m pretty sure there’s other magic that turns up too. Every time I play around with the site I find something new — maybe you will too. Happy travels!